Class Curriculum
Lower Division

First Steps Levels 1 ( 3.5 yrs.)  45 minute class, White leotard

Skills are introduced in their most basic form to initiate the process of building a solid foundation, helpful in future dance study. Concentration is on establishing developmental skills needed to execute a dance step. Since this will be one of the first classroom experiences for most students, classroom etiquette will be gently introduced. Parents are asked to remain in the building, but not in  the classroom, during class time.

Music & Movement 1 (4.5 - 6 yrs.) 45 minute class, Level 2 (5 - 6 yrs.) 60 minute class, Pink leotard

These classes work on developing gross and fine motor skills. Acquiring musical skills helps the brain acquire knowledge that seems to be organized in the same way as you learn math. We work on listening, interpretive and imaginary abilities to come up with the movement concept. We use a variety of hand instruments for rhythms and counting skills. Basic elements of Pre Ballet are introduced.

Pre Ballet Level 1 (5 - 8 yrs.) 60 minute class, Violet leotard, Level 2, 75 minute class, Lt. Blue leotard
A continuation of Music & Movement with more emphasis on understanding the basic concepts of classical ballet. Students are introduced to the order of the barre and basic combinations. All elements of Pre Ballet must be achieved before advancing to A Level Ballet. Both levels offer Tap dancing as part of the class.

Dance, Dream, Discovery Class (6-8 yrs.) 75 minute class, Lt. blue leotard
Maintaining a technique structure of Basic Ballet, the class will venture into the world of treasure box dress ups and art projects which will help the dancers imagination.

Jazz/Modern/Hip Hop (7 -10 yrs.) 60 minute class, Red leotard
The dancer looking for a sampling of styles of movement is introduced to Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap Dance. This class may be taken as an individual class.

Jazz/Modern/Hip Hop (11 and up) 60 minute class, Red leotard
Dancers wanting to continue with a sampler class of Jazz, Modern and Tap.

Foundation Class (7 - 11 yrs.) Level one (2.5 hours per week) Buttercup leotard, Level two (3 hours per week)Turquoise leotard
The Foundation class is for dancers wanting to attend at least two ballet classes per week. Dancers who show a definite talent in dance and are interested in furthering their artistry.

A-1 Ballet   (8- 11 yrs.) 60 minute class or 90 minute if combined with Tap, Royal blue leotard
The first year of the Vaganova training lays the ground work for continuation into more advanced technique. All class work is a concentrated effort of both physical and mental self-discipline.

Vaganova Ballet Syllabus Levels
The first years of the Vaganova Ballet training lays the groundwork for continuation into more advanced technique. All class work is a concentrated effort of both physical and mental self-discipline. Our classes are graded A Levels 1,2,3 / Foudations/ B Levels 1,2,3,4 / C and D. Dancers in the A  & B Levels are required to purchase their ballet text.

Tap class is introduced to dancers during the Pre Ballet classes. When dancers reach A Ballet level Tap is taken as a separate class. Beginning tap is basic hoofing and Intermediate classes are a variety of styles
Upper Division

Vaganova Ballet Syllabus B. Navy blue leotard, C. Maroon leotard, D. Black leotard
The levels of the eight year syllabus are a graded program, dancers increase in number of classes to continue proper training. Grades are letters of the Alphabet. All dancers in the ballet program need to have Ballet Text books. Dancers preparing for pointe are in the B1 Level. All beginning pointe dancers take a minimum of two ballet classes per week.

Adult Selections- Adults may drop in and pay per class, purchase a punch card for 10 classes or register for the entire session.
Sculpt & Stretch (Teen/Adult) 60 minute class
This class is geared toward the person interested in personal fitness. Class is divided into stretching exercises with proper alignment and free weights. Dress in work out wear and bring free weights.

Yoga Basic
(Teen/Adult) 75 minute class
Yoga with emphasis on stretching and proper breathing.

Adult Ballet Times are based on specific class skill level, Solid colored leotard
Basic ballet for Adults to establish the foundation of ballet while toning and lengthening muscles. Continuing classes as skill level increases.

Tap -
Adult dancers may take a single tap class to check their ability . Adult Tap classes in Beginner, Beyond Beginner and Intermediate are available .

Sacred Liturgical Dance
Christian dancers with ballet background can use this class to "Praise His Name In Dance" (Psalms 149.3)

Adult Dance Fitness
60 minute class
Class geared for mature person wanting to increase cardio and range of movement in an enjoyable style. Basic line dance style movements danced to all kinds of music. Free weights and stretching will be included in the class .Dancers should wear comfortable clothing and dance sneakers.

Modern Dance -
60 minute class. Beginner and Intermediate classes are avaialble.