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Serving the Greater Baltimore and Harford County Area
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  The Part Two 
Dance Company
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The Part Two Dance Company is a registered 501(3) (c) non-profit performing group affiliated with County Ballet Dance Studio and is under the direction of Pamela Lauer. Part Two Dance Company is a group of individuals whose goal is to entertain and enrich the lives of the community through the art of dance. Member of the company range in age from nine through adult and are selected through auditions. Participants range from trainee to company members based on skill and experience.

The dance company provides an educational experience for people interested in the art of dance. Dancers are exposed to all aspects of the performing environment, from communicating rehearsal schedules, running the technical aspects to performing on stage. Dancers are also expected to assist in the areas of costuming, props and scenery. We believe, this approach, give the dancers a well rounded background regarding what is involved in putting on a show. 

Performing for over 25 years throughout the area, Part Two has raised money for local charities and events. We are self sufficient and rely on donations from the public to keep us afloat. 
Please consider a tax deductible donation.
​Scholarships Available:
Kim Petro
Part Two Dance Co.  Scholarship  
When Kim Petro, former Part Two Dancer, lost her battle with Cancer, Part Two decided we could help others in this fight. Our 2014 Cancer Fundraiser helped donate funds to CancerNetLife and provide scholarship tuition for children of families struggling with cancer. Dancers involved in this category should submit information/documentation to Part Two. 
Roger Wade
Part Two Dance Co.  Scholarship  
Faculty member, Roger Wade, has been assisting and dancing with Part Two since its inception. Knowing the difficulties for boys to pursue dance education, he has helped provide funding for boys (9 and up) to study dance. Qualifying boys should submit information/ documentation to Part Two. 

Part Two Liturgical Dance
 Dancers involved in sharing the word of God through movement and praise are another aspect of Part Two Dance Company. We have traveled to churches and meetings throughout the Mid Atlantic area and have brought inspiration to those seeking to further His Kingdom.  We pray that God will use our ministry to be a blessing to you.

What is the Performance Opportunity Program? POP dancers 
Dancers (7 and up) who are interested in performing. Dancer would attend additional; rehearsals; these is not part of your technique class. 
Dancers would pay a POP performance fee of $100. This will include all rehearsal times. Your weekly rehearsals plus two weeks in June.
Costume fee & Costume Cleaning fee. TBA Fee will range from $15. -- - $50.00
If your dancer is in a part that will use costumes from the Part Two costume closet the minimum fee is required. If there are not any appropriate costumes for the choreography and size of the current dancers, we must alter or purchase new. 
Part Two Is a Non-Profit dance company which runs POP. All fees must be paid in check or cash and cannot be combined with any County Ballet fees.
All dancers would also be required to participate in mandatory dress rehearsals when needed. Dancers would also need to provide regulation tights, shoes, hair, and undergarments and earrings for rehearsals and performances.
POP 2021 Spring show commitment
- sign and return this section
Parent’s Name_________________________________Dancer’s Name Print legibly-this is used for Program notes._______________________________
Phone-__________________________________ Email:_______________________________
General clothing size:__________________Height:________________

You are signing up to participate. Keep this bottom half.
You must:
1. Register and attend classes at County Ballet.
2. Attend mandatory dress rehearsals, plus of course –the show.
3. Agree if you miss more than2 regular rehearsals and or any one mandatory rehearsal or have a physical injury, you will not be performing.
Parents are required to participate in set building or decorating and light costume preparation. We will need additional stage area to be built for this production.
An adult supervisor must help with costumes for younger dancers during the dress rehearsal and the show.
Dancers are required to have face makeup, proper dance style hair, undergarments, shoes & tights for the show.
Important dates to check before committing -Fri. June 11 / Sat., June 12, Run thru /Show.
Last weeks before show: rehearsals will be held June 1- 9 (6:15 – 8:15ish) Not all dancers will be every day.
Show day We start at 10:30am – perform at 12:00pm and 1:30 pm. Dance and help strike set – you will not be out before 4:00 PM.
Dress Rehearsal –April 24, 2021 at County Ballet. 2:30 – 5pm.
 Always check online or call for rehearsal information. If you have an emergency with a regular rehearsal – notify asap. 
Attending birthday parties, shopping, “have a better offer” are not reasons to miss a rehearsal.
Rehearsals are held on specific time, check rehearsal schedule. There are NO rehearsals during Easter Week/Weekend
When do I rehearse?
All dancers rehearse the last Saturday of the month 2:00 – 3:30 Feb. 27, March 27, April 24, May 29th NO Rehearsal, this day is for Lecture Demonstration.
Weekly rehearsals: A Ballet & Foundation One Rehearsal – Tuesday 6:20 – 7:00
Foundation Two Rehearsal 7:00 – 7:40 B Ballet Rehearsal Sat. 1:00 – 2:15
Adults Rehearsal Monday 8:25 – 9:00

Thank You to All Who Helped Make 
 This Show A Success!!!