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Serving the Greater Baltimore and Harford County Area
The County Ballet Dance Studio & Dance Shop
2232 Old Emmorton Rd. Bel Air, MD 21015
410.515.0031 | 410.569.0316
County Ballet Dance Studio | Harford County Maryland


- Students should arrive at least ten minutes before class, those arriving late should wait at the studio door and ask for admittance.  DO NOT disrupt a class in progress!

- Turn off cell phones or any electrical device during class time.

- Students should be in regulation uniform at all times.  This does not include dangle earrings, other jewelry, sweat or t-shirts, leg warmers, sweat pants, gum or additional paraphernalia.

- Do not dress in the studio, use the dressing room for hair, make-up and changing.  Do not eat or drink in the studio.  Except for water bottles.

- Your time in the studio should be used to the fullest.  Begin your personal warm-up as soon as you enter.  Be ready and in line for reverence when the instructor enters.

- Learning should be fun, but it is not a time to laugh, talk, or socialize. Incoming class should be dressed and in the dressing room, ready to move into the studio as the class in progress leaves. 

- Dancers sometimes just do not feel like dancing.  DO NOT take class if you are not willing to do your best, but do not stay at home; come to observe the class.  Take written notes or tape record the class to work on later.

- County Ballet has a calendar for closings and special holidays. We DO NOT follow Harford County school calendars. Inclement weather closings? WHEN IN DOUBT...CALL, CALL!!! AND CHECK THE WEBSITE
  (410) 569-0316 * (410) 515-0031

- Make up missed classes in the current semester, at your own level or a level below

- Notify County Ballet whenever absence is necessary.
- There are no transfers, credits, or refunds of tuition or registration fees. Refunds will be made only with a doctor's medical certificate.

- Dismissal because of undisciplined behavior does not receive tuition refund. 
- Visitors are allowed only selected days!  Observation days will be posted.

- Students should be ready to begin at the appointed class time.  Arrive at least 10 minutes before class.

- Students pass from one level to another if: Good Classroom Etiquette is observed, passing a written test, Passing an oral test

- Students placement may change at the discretion of the director. Advancement depends upon artistic ability, dance development, and physical qualifications, not upon age, or length of time spent studying dance.

- Students are placed on Pointe solely at the discretion of the instructor. They must be at least 11.5-12 years old, have reasonable body proportions and must attend ballet classes at least two (2) times per week., with a solid foundation of ballet technique.

- Smoking (any kind) is prohibited in the County Ballet building and surrounding property.
Rules     Policies     Uniforms
Where dance education is more than just fancy costumes...
Pink Leather or Canvas Ballet Shoes NO Plastic/Satin
A proper uniform is part of classical dance education. 
At County Ballet each level has a specific color uniform.
Girls : All leotards are plain, unadorned no attached skirts, any length sleeve.
Tumble Tot:
Moveable play clothing, leotard w/ leggings, grip socks or ballet shoes.
First Steps: 
White Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink  Ballet Shoes
Hair in bun
Music & Movement
Pink Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink  Ballet Shoes
Tap shoes if taking Tap
Hair in bun
Ballet One 
 Vibrant Violet/Lavender Leotard
Pink tights 
Pink  Ballet Shoes
Tap shoes if taking Tap
Hair in bun
Ballet Two
Lt. Blue Leotard
Pink tights
Pink  Ballet Shoes
Mary Jane style Tap shoes preferred
Hair in bun
​Magical Movement
Fuchsia Leo
Pink tights
Pink Shoes
Dance & Music Appreciation
Grape Leotard
Tan tights
Jazz shoes or Ballet Shoes any color
Foundation Level Ballet
Capezio Turquoise Leotard
Pink Tights 
Pink Ballet Shoes
A Level Ballet
Royal Blue Leotard
Pink tights
Pink  Ballet Shoes
B&C Level Ballet
Burgundy  Leotard
Pink tights
Pink  Ballet Shoes
D Level Ballet
Black Leotard
Pink tights
Pink  Ballet Shoes
Character Ballet Dance Class Participants need Black Character shoes and character skirt for females.
Boy's/Men All Ballet Classes
White shirt
Black Pants
Black Ballet shoes
Jazz / Tap Classes
Red Leotard
Black tights/ leggings/pants/shorts
Black Jazz shoes 
Hair pulled away from face
Adult Modern/Yoga/Pilates/Barre'& Movement
Any leotard and/or  stretchable movable clothing.
Bare feet/Ballet shoes or Yoga shoes.
Teen/Adult Ballet
Solid Leotard
Wrap skirt (if desired).
Pink tights (leg length)
Pink Leather or canvas Ballet shoes
Adults participating in classes must adhere to uniform.