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- Students should arrive at least ten minutes before class, those arriving late should wait at the studio door and ask for admittance.  DO NOT disrupt a class in progress!

- Turn off cell phones or any electrical device during class time.

- Students should be in regulation uniform at all times.  This does not include dangle earrings, other jewelry, sweat or t-shirts, leg warmers, sweat pants, gum or additional paraphernalia.

- Do not dress in the studio, use the dressing room for hair, make-up and changing.  Do not eat or drink in the studio or waiting room.  Please keep all food and drinks in the dressing room. Except for water bottles.

- Your time in the studio should be used to the fullest.  Begin your personal warm-up as soon as you enter.  Be ready and in line for reverence when the instructor enters.

- Learning should be fun, but it is not a time to laugh, talk, or socialize. Incoming class should be dressed and in the dressing room, ready to move into the studio as the class in progress leaves.

- Dancers sometimes just do not feel like dancing.  DO NOT take class if you are not willing to do your best, but do not stay at home; come to observe the class.  Take written notes or tape record the class to work on later.

- County Ballet has a calendar for closings and special holidays. We DO NOT follow Harford County school calendars. Inclement weather closings? WHEN IN DOUBT...CALL, CALL!!! AND CHECK THE WEBSITE
  (410) 569-0316 * (410) 515-0031

- Make up missed classes in the current semester, at your own level or a level below

- Notify County Ballet whenever absence is necessary

- Refunds will be made only with a doctors medical certificate.

- Dismissal because of undisciplined behavior does not receive tuition refund.

- Visitors are allowed only selected days!  Observation days will be posted.

- Students should be ready to begin at the appointed class time.  Arrive at least 10 minutes before class.

- Students pass from one level to another if: Good Classroom Etiquette is observed, passing a written test, Passing an oral test

- Students placement may change at the discretion of the director. Advancement depends upon artistic ability, dance development, and physical qualifications, not upon age, or length of time spent studying dance.

- Students are placed on Pointe solely at the discretion of the instructor. They must be at least 11.5-12 years old, have reasonable body proportions and must attend ballet classes at least two (2) times per week., with a solid foundation of ballet technique.

- Smoking is prohibited in the County Ballet building and surrounding property.
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